Your First Visit

  1. First you will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork in full. We will also gather your insurance information to provide a complimentary benefits check on your behalf. For this we will need your license and insurance card to do so.
  2. Second you will go on an office tour to become comfortable in our office. We want you to feel at home and welcome.
  3. Third you will meet either Dr. Landrus or Dr. Cepeda for a one-on-one consultation to dive deeper into your health concerns. This is an essential part in forming your unique care plan.
  4. Fourth we will provide a complete evaluation of your spine and nervous system. We use state-of-the-art insight millennium technology (click to see our technology) to see where subluxations (misalignments) are present and causing disease and dysfunction in your body.  All findings will help us to determine your current state of health and well being. We will present these findings at the New Practice Member Orientation and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
    • We may need to assess your range of motion by having you bend in a forward, backward, sideways, or rotational manor.
    • A gait analysis may be necessary to determine if your condition involves your pelvis or walking pattern.
    • Postural analysis may be used to see any abnormalities in your spinal column.
  5. Fifth we may need to do additional tests or request Chiropractic Postural X-rays to take a deeper look at your spine.
  6. Sixth your “New Patient Orientation” appointment where we review your specific health findings from your examination and consultation. You will know if chiropractic care is appropriate for what your concerns are.
  7. You will receive a specific care plan and recommendations. These care plans are designed by the doctors based on how they believe your body is going to get the best results.
  8. Lastly, you will start your journey to optimal health!

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