Meet The Team

Dr. Landrus Lewis


Dr. Landrus Lewis played 5 years of college football, 1 year of track and 2 years basketball. He initially saw a chiropractor when he had a groin injury from running track. He went to many doctors who told him he had a hernia and needed surgery, but he knew that is was something different. After he had been to many doctors his dad finally took him to a chiropractor who told him he needed a simple pelvic adjustment. After dealing with the pain for over 3 months before the chiropractor, he finally was able to play all sports after about 3 weeks of consistent chiropractic care. He wanted to change lives just like the chiropractor he went to so he ambitiously worked to become an amazing chiropractor. He loves to take care of anyone who has dealt with any health concern and he does it with such a passion that is radiates onto others.  Dr. Landrus is 1 of over 250 chiropractors in the United States who is Certified Advanced-Proficient in the Torque Release Technique, which is so specific to the nervous system. He prides himself in having advanced training in working with extremities to help with things such as chronic ankle issues, carpal tunnel and shoulder pain. He is working toward his full pediatric certification through ICPA and is also Websters Certified, which helps pregnant women achieve optimal pelvic positioning for birth.

Dr. Cepeda Carter


Dr. Cepeda Carter went to undergraduate college at Western Michigan University where she played college gymnastics. She started as a walk on her first year and ended up earning a full ride for her last three. Much of her success as a gymnast stemmed from her getting seen by a chiropractor. During her first two years as a college gymnast she got injured a lot (sprained ankles, knee problems, and low back pain). In the last 2 years of college she was seen by a chiropractor who changed her entire career for the better. She excelled against her competition and did not have another injury. This is initially what prompted her journey to become a chiropractor. She is so excited to work with many different people: Infants, Kids, Pregnant Women, Adults, and Athletes. She has a huge passion for pregnant mamas and infants as that is what she specialized in throughout school. She is working toward her full pediatric certification through ICPA and is also Websters certified, which helps pregnant women achieve optimal pelvic positioning for birth.


Our Team Spirit & Family Dog

The newest addition to our team. He is just a year and a half with a ton of love and energy. He loves to get belly rubs, but isn’t as big of a snuggle bug as thumper. He hobbies include running everywhere, catching/destroying tennis balls, and playing tag. We couldn’t be happier to have his always happy personality around!


Office Member

Tracey is one of the cheerful, smiling faces you will see the moment you walk into Growing Tree Chiropractic. She loves working with people and will help you have the best possible experience-from the time you walk in door, to each time you make an appointment with us. She has been in healthcare for many moons. Her passion to help people is her driving force. Chiropractic care was new to her when she joined our team over a year ago. She has found herself completely in awe of everything she has been learning firsthand, as well as experiencing the power that chiropractic care has had on her own body personally. She is a huge advocate of chiropractic & wellness and will let everyone she knows or encounters the benefits, as well as share her own story. Don’t hesitate to ask her, she loves helping people through education, motivation, and accountability. When not at work, Tracy enjoys fun in the sun, and long walks walks on the beach with her husband of 29 years, Eric. When she’s not at the beach she’s making meaningful memories with her 3 children, and trying to keep up with her 4-year-old grandson Aiden.


Chiropractic Assistant

Lindsay first met the doctors in 2019 and knew there was something special about Growing Tree Chiropractic. She joined the office as a practice member in early 2020 and then officially joined the team later the same year. Before joining the team, Lindsay earned a BA in Multidisciplinary Studies and a BS in Business Administration at West Virginia University. She has worked in various industries but is ultimately committed to the whole body healing that starts with chiropractic care. Later in life her goal is to start her own missions based coffee shop & café, hopefully as part of a wellness center. Until then, she is happy to share with you how chiropractic car has changed her life and offer all the coffee brewing tips and tricks! When you don’t see her smiling behind the front desk, she is probably at the racetrack with her boyfriend, baking some new yummy treat, or walking one of her dogs.

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